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My NCCJ Training & Network Journey

By Martha Goldstein

My journey of NCCJ's training and professional network was full of pleasant surprises.  I have taught high school for the past 12 years, as well as worked as an adjunct at two colleges. And I have always been an advocate of social justice, especially in regards to sexuality inclusive education.  I found NCCJ to be an organization working for social change on numerous levels of race, class, abilities, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religion.  I am proud to be part of such a powerful group of individuals working to raise awareness of the many levels of oppression, privilege, and institutional power.  NCCJ's trainings are based on cooperative learning principles, as well as experiential methods designed to self-reflect and engage with other individuals on important topics.  NCCJ’s Cynthia Martin and Michael Vidal presented an organized format and framework each day of the Train-the-Trainer, using humor and strong processing skills to guide the group learning.  They adhered to set time frames and lead a dynamic experience for numerous professionals from the corporate world, as well as educators, and social service providers.  NCCJ's trainings are well designed - with opportunities for team building as well as individual identity developmental reflection and increasing knowledge of oppression, equity, intersectionality, and media literacy.  As a doctoral student in Human Sexuality Education, I am excited to share these outstanding social justice trainings as a co-facilitator for adolescents and adults alike.  


Mon, 13 July 2020