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NCCJ President and CEO Dr. Andrea C. Kandel Retiring After 25 Years 

By Jason Papallo, NCCJ E-Communications and Marketing Specialist 
& Amanda Gumbs, Director of Institutional Support

(HARTFORD, CT) –  National Conference for Community and Justice President and CEO Dr. Andrea C. Kandel has announced her retirement after 25 years with the organization. Kandel will continue with NCCJ through the end of 2017, when her successor, President-and-CEO-elect Cynthia Martin, will take the reins.  

“It has been my greatest joy to be part of an organization that works daily to build communities that are respectful and just for all people, not just a few. The work I have done with NCCJ is my heart’s work,” said Kandel “and as much as NCCJ may have changed the lives of the youth with whom we’ve been blessed to work with, these young people, the NCCJ Board of Directors and staff, have changed my life as well.” 

NCCJ is proud to mark the professional achievements of this innovative and passionate leader. 

Kandel’s expertise in social justice as well as her passion for young people led the organization to launch prejudice reduction programs for middle and high school age youth more than 20 years ago. Today, NCCJ brings together various people to defeat and end bigotry, prejudice and discrimination. NCCJ provides a cadre of training, intervention and prejudice reduction programming along with a full range of resources, educational strategies and curriculum to help create greater levels of cooperation and respect in our diverse society. She has created an amazing legacy that will continue to change and improve the lives of countless individuals and communities. 

“Andrea has been instrumental in shaping the NCCJ into the stellar human relations organization that currently exists today. Under Andrea’s vision and leadership, the NCCJ grew from a small regional interfaith organization to a leading human relations organization addressing all issues of social justice. Her passion and commitment to making our communities more just makes this occasion bittersweet as we reflect on her incredible accomplishments,” said David Rosenthal, NCCJ Board Chair.

Her commitment to social justice education and advocacy has made our world a more inclusive and equitable place for all of us, and her work is continued in each person that she has inspired, influenced and empowered.


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Sun, 5 July 2020