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New NCCJ Bulletin: Women's Rights

Our latest NCCJ Bulletin - to coincide with Women's History Month - is on the topic of Women’s Rights, the fundamental human rights that every person has when they’re born, and that cannot be taken away. They are no different than any other rights granted to any other group, but women and girls around the world are still being denied these natural rights because of their gender. The violation of these rights occurs at cultural, institutional, and individual levels. The goal of the Women’s Rights movement is to promote and achieve systematic and social equality of women to men.

The bulletin can be used in clubs, classrooms, meetings, shared with friends and family, or just simply for your own education. There are sections on: definitions, videos, statistics, articles, resources and questions to think about. We hope that this information is useful for your community.

Click here to access the Women's Rights Bulletin




Thu, 28 May 2020