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The reunion is almost upon us...

To our NCCJ ANYTOWN alumni,

We can't wait to see your lovely faces and to reconnect, talk social justice and have fun. Spots are limited, so know that to go, you must have registered online or connected with Michael or Trenda to confirm your place at the reunion. If you need to cancel for any reason, please let us know at least two weeks before the reunion date.

As January 13th approaches, we must also remind you about the standard $15 service cost that helps pay for the buses, the reunion's venue, activities and food. You can either bring your payment to the reunion, bring it to NCCJ before or after, or arrange to give it to your advisor to give to us. If you need financial assistance, please contact Michael or Trenda.

We're psyched to see all of you!

With warm hugs,


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Sun, 5 July 2020