Each year, NCCJ has to raise half a million dollars in personal financial donations to make real change for the lives of all of us in our communities throughout the Pioneer Valley.

 Why Now?  Because of the national rhetoric individual acts of cruelty have increased,  systemic oppression goes unchecked, and our young people are paying a dire price.

Schools right here have seen an increase in hostile acts towards children of color, those with disabilities, as well as other marginalized identities.

Children - our children - feel targeted, unsafe and excluded at school. 

NCCJ is fighting to eliminate bias and discrimination.  We are giving students the knowledge and skills to speak out for themselves and their peers.   And they are speaking out. We are seeing it across our nation, young people leading real change in this country.

Our young people are leading change right here in the Pioneer Valley.

If we all do our part, we will see change come faster.  

We can all do something,

Give a gift to NCCJ TODAY.  Help us make a difference.

Your support, no matter the size, will help our schools be safer and more inclusive for ALL students to thrive.

This is why NCCJ remains dedicated to building a society where there is no room for prejudice, bias or bigotry in our workplaces, our neighborhoods, our places of worship, and certainly not in our schools or on our playgrounds.  

But we can’t do it without YOU.

Our mission remains just as important today as it did 90-years ago, when NCCJ was formed.

NCCJ is a human relations organization that promotes inclusion and acceptance by providing education and advocacy while building communities that are respectful and just for all. Celebrating the diversity of races, religions, cultures, genders, abilities, and sexual orientations