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We can't do it without you

By Jason Papallo, NCCJ E-Communications and Marketing Specialist

The constant turmoil of our politically divided country can wreck havoc on all of us, but it’s our young people that are affected the most. The supply of negative messages feels endless as they influence young people on how to act and treat others. This poor standard set by some of our leaders in government has manipulated the public into accepting it.

It’s our job to make sure that we educate young people on how to sift through these messages and understanding how damaging they can be to our relationships with others. And with your help you, we can do just that - in 2018 we can teach even more youth about bigotry and hate crimes, creating more inclusive and caring communities, and fostering deeper and more understanding relationships. 

Help us jumpstart social justice in 2018 when you donate to NCCJ to see this goal come true.

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About the National Conference for Community and Justice

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Sun, 5 July 2020