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We can't say it enough...

Dear friends of NCCJ,


Thank you for supporting NCCJ last night as we shined a light on our honorees and the work they have done to move our communities to a more just society. As a human relations organization educating and advocating for social justice, we rely on people like you and the recipients of the 2018 Human Relations Award to continue our important work. 

When you attended our Banquet, it was about much more than a fun evening. Through your support, we can bring our work to more schools and young people than ever before. 

NCCJ President & CEO, Cynthia Martin, discussed the power of change last night. By having dinner with us, you’ve helped empower others, nourish safe and respectful environments for all and build stronger communities, which will make a stronger Connecticut. 

You've made an investment toward a more equitable tomorrow. 

We are so grateful,
The NCCJ Team

Fri, 7 August 2020