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This Week in Social Justice: Jan. 23, 2018

Curated by Jason Papallo, NCCJ E-Communications and Marketing Specialist

The National Conference for Community and Justice curates the best in social justice news and current events and brings it to you. Some of the articles and videos are heartbreaking, others are infuriating, some are inspiring. Others are simply enriching for the mind. Leave your thoughts and questions on these relevant issues and stories in our comments section below. What do the times we face mean to you? How can you help make a difference? This week: NCCJ’s Youth Human Relations Award Nominations are upon us, NFL players' work on social justice  initiative 'Let's Listen Together’, USA Gymnastics' sexual abuse case continues to evolve, Naomi Parker Fraley, the real Rosie the Riveter, dies at age 96, and much more. 


Youth Human Relations Award Nominations via NCCJ 

'Let's Listen Together' initiative to publicize NFL players' work on social justice via ESPN 

USA Gymnastics' rot runs deeper than serial sex abuser Larry Nassar via Chicago Tribune  

Naomi Parker Fraley, the real Rosie the Riveter, dies aged 96 via BBC News 


Video shows Border Patrol officers asking Greyhound passengers for IDs, taking woman into custody via The Washington Post 

Why a white woman was dead wrong for defiling Harriet Tubman statue with a ‘pink pussy hat’ in Harlem via The Grio 


The Women's Marches may have been the largest demonstration in US history via Vox

Sexist Vintage Ads Completely Reimagined Just by Reversing Gender Roles via My Modern Met


5 Steps for Creating LGBTQ-Friendly Jewish Spaces On Campus via Forward 

Here’s An Amazing Way To Explain Gender Expression To Kids via The Huffington Post 

Meet Rainbow Voices Mumbai, India's first and only LGBTQ choir via NBC News 

Anti-LGBTQ homicides almost doubled in 2017 via Moneyish 


Viola Davis Gave The Women's March A Speech On Intersectional Feminism That Is A Must-See via Refinery 29 

Amanda Seales fights inequality with 'intersectionality’ via The Daily Collegian

Montreal Women’s March returns with empowering intersectional messages via The McGill Tribune 


Testimonial: Mia Dorantes via NCCJ 

UNITE FEST: We Are One! via Pioneer Valley Performing Arts 

Join The Youth Justice Movement via National Juvenile Justice Network 

Tell Us About Your NCCJ Experience! via NCCJ 


Living On The Autism Spectrum: Women Talk About Their Diagnoses As Adults via Where We Live 



Austin Establishes 'Hi, How Are You?' Day To Encourage Mental Health Support via NPR

Kate Middleton Delivers Rare Speech About Kids' Mental Health via People 

Why don't Americans get regular mental health checkups? It's complicated. via NBC News


Connecticut Science Center Teen Night via Connecticut Science Center 

Montana governor signs order to preserve net neutrality via Chicago Tribune 

Racism is creeping back into mainstream science – we have to stop it via The Guardian 


The intergenerational feminist divide over #MeToo is both painful and necessary via NBC News 

Nicole Kidman Declares War On Ageism In Hollywood via Refinery 29 


20 Children’s Books To Spark Important Discussions About Race And Tolerance via The Huffington Post 

Documentary: Unlearning: Breaking Bias. Building Community. via CPTV

Resistance 101: A Lesson on Social Justice Activists and Strategies via Teaching for Change 


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