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This Week in Social Justice: Jan. 30, 2018

Curated by Jason Papallo, NCCJ E-Communications and Marketing Specialist

The National Conference for Community and Justice curates the best in social justice news and current events and brings it to you. Some of the articles and videos are heartbreaking, others are infuriating, some are inspiring. Others are simply enriching for the mind. Leave your thoughts and questions on these relevant issues and stories in our comments section below. What do the times we face mean to you? How can you help make a difference? This week: Indians to remove Chief Wahoo logo from uniforms in 2019, Janelle Monae brings Time's Up movement at Grammys and Pink fights back, NCCJ Anti-Racism Workshop to happen in early March, Youth Human Relations Award Nominations and more.


R&B star Janelle Monae brings Time's Up movement to Grammys via ABC News

Indians removing Chief Wahoo logo from uniforms in 2019 via ESPN

No Charges In Police Shooting Death Of Teen: What's Next For Bridgeport Community? via WNPR

Racist and homophobic Snapchat videos spark outrage at South Hadley High School via MassLive

On the Migrant Trail, a Refugee Movement Emerges via NACLA


New 'Black Panther' International Poster Released via

'We've ignited a new generation': Patrisse Khan-Cullors on the resurgence of black activism via The Guardian

Two-Day Anti-Racism Workshop via NCCJ

Kim Kardashian Slammed For Her ‘Bo Derek’ Braids On Snapchat: Cultural Appropriation? via Hollywood Life

Soon-to-Be-Deported Activist Wins ‘Freedom to Say Goodbye’ via Bloomberg

State workers file complaints, say they are discriminated against via WSFB

Mo’Nique May Not Be Perfect, But She’s Right About Inequality In Hollywood via Huffington Post


Pink Rebukes Grammys President for Saying Women Must 'Step Up' via RollingStone

EasyJet's New Male CEO Takes Pay Cut to Match Female Predecessor via Bloomberg

Kate Winslet Tearfully Admits She Has 'Bitter Regrets' About Working with Certain People via


Growing number of LGBTQ candidates seek political office in 2018 via NBC News 

These ‘No Promo Homo’ Laws Are Hurting LGBTQ Students Across America via Huffington Post

People LGBTQ Cece was the victim of a brutal transphobic attack that landed her in a men's prison. Laverne Cox explores the role of race, class, and gender in her fight against injustice. #FreeCeCe


Does America Have a Caste System? via CityLab

Bank Of America Ends Free Checking Option, A Bastion For Low-Income Customers via NPR


NCCJ Alumni: Tell Us About Your NCCJ Experience! via NCCJ

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Join The Youth Justice Movement via National Juvenile Justice Network

Connecticut Science Center Teen Night via The Connecticut Science Center


Youth Human Relations Award Nominations via NCCJ

Testimonial: Mia Dorantes via NCCJ

Youth Essay And Poetry Writing And Art Contest via NCCJ


LuLaRoe sided with retailer who mocked those with special needs and people are not happy via WUSA


Finally, a Sensitive Portrayal of Both Autistic Women and Star Trek Fans via Slate
Please Stand By boldly goes where too few films have gone before.

Child experts call on Facebook to pull Messenger Kids app via USA Today


New EPA Guidance Stands to Increase Hazardous Air Pollutants in Environmental Justice Communities via Union of Concerned Scientists


Reel Representation: Ageism against Hollywood actresses may be reaching its twilight years via Daily Bruin


Bulletin: Ableism via NCCJ

Civil Rights and Social Justice Resources for Classrooms via Common Sense Education

Social Justice Resources via Pushing the Edge


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