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In the News - NCCJ’s Proud Partnership With the City of Middletown

02/07/2020 11:52:11 AM


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This week The Middletown Press reported on the inclusion and anti-racism efforts taken by the city of Middletown in partnership with NCCJ. For the last year, NCCJ has worked with the city’s Human Relations Committee to train and engage the local community in critical conversations to push back against systemic inequality and injustice.

We have been thrilled to work with Middletown on such a momentous undertaking in our local community.
NCCJ President & CEO Cynthia Martin

“NCCJ is proud to partner with Middletown on their powerful quest to have a community that is more inclusive and equitable for all. We know they are committed to staying on this journey for change which is so impressive! They are a role model of what is possible when a group of concerned neighbors come together to build a better community. We hope more Connecticut towns take on a similar path.”

- Cynthia Martin, NCCJ President and CEO

“It has been such a pleasure for us to do work in a community where there is a true commitment to change. The city leaders are truly interested in hearing the voices of their citizens and making sure that everyone who calls Middletown home feels at home wherever they go. We are looking forward to continuing this partnership and helping Middletown to create the inclusive city they have already envisioned.”

 - Nyaunu Stevens, NCCJ Director of Programs


Learn more about NCCJ’s partnership with Middletown in this article from The Middletown Press.

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