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Nyaunu Stevens Reflects on "Warriors don't Cry"

02/24/2020 12:34:23 PM


Warriors Don't Cry - NCCJ talkback




Pictured left to right: Nyaunu Stevens (NCCJ Director of Programs), Cythnia Martin (NCCJ President & CEO), Cassie Copeland (NCCJ Programs Manager), Jaden Jennings (activist and senior at Metropolitan Learning Center)



Written by Nyaunu Stevens, NCCJ's Director of Programs, following the performance of "Warriors Don't Cry" on February 21st at The Bushnell Performing Arts Center.


It was such a pleasure and a joy to partner with the Bushnell on bringing this wonderful play to an audience of NCCJ friends and family. In every era our youth have always been the drivers of social movements and some of our most ardent agents for change and equity. The past and the future are linked by the struggles that define us and the brave humans who go out and advocate for a more peaceful world, and this play is a powerful illustration of that.

NCCJ was proud to be able to work on a project that articulates so eloquently the need for our work. Even as we look forward to a day when these struggles are behind us, we are grateful for the artists and activists who work alongside us to bring light into the darkness.

Sun, 3 July 2022