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A Message to our Community amid covid-19

04/27/2020 05:51:34 PM



To our NCCJ family:  

All of us at NCCJ hope that you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and hunkered down. And you all stay that way. We are living through unprecedented times to say the least. Social distancing, Zoom meetings and mask-wearing are the new norms. And for the immediate future, we will all be doing our best to cope with all of this change.

But some things haven't changed. Like racism. Bias. And hate.

Which means that NCCJ has even more work to do. We may now be doing it virtually, but we are more focused than ever given some of the hatred that has surfaced along with this terrible virus.

Yes, the impact of COVID-19, as we've all seen, has been devastating - as of this writing, over 55,000 people have died from the virus in the United States. However, that's not the only horrifying pandemic-related statistic.  For one, COVID-19 has inflamed racism against Asian-Americans. We are heartbroken to see that anti-Asian hate crimes here in the U.S. have drastically risen because of the virus. Blaming a group of people can't possibly serve anyone or make things better, yet we are seeing more verbal and physical abuse - what's more, authorities say that many of these hateful incidents are going unreported.

In addition to these hate crimes, we're also seeing the ugly proof of the racial disparities in the U.S. healthcare system. In New York City, the epicenter of the pandemic, black and brown New Yorkers have accounted for 28% and 34% of deaths, respectively.  And Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has reported that black and brown communities are seeing the highest numbers of COVID-19 cases and patients dying in larger-than-expected numbers. These numbers are devastating.

All of this - and more - is what motivates the NCCJ team every day.  We're working harder than ever to deliver messages that educate and advocate for equity and inclusion.

Delivering virtual programs for today's real-world challenges.

Even during these extraordinary times, NCCJ wants to do all we can to promote inclusion and acceptance. 

That's why we've developed these FREE ONLINE PROGRAMS:

NCCJ Community Perspectives

Join us for an important conversation exploring how marginalized communities are disproportionately affected by the pandemic.  Learn about our upcoming workshop series on how bias and the COVID-19 pandemic are working hand in hand to worsen existing inequality.

Register now to reserve your Zoom® seat for this free program. 

Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2020;  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM. 

Open to all Adult Community Members. 

Register today by emailing Nyaunu Stevens.

NCCJ YAC (Youth Action Coalition) 

Calling all NCCJ ANYTOWN Alumni! Please join us for an important discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on inequality. Let's explore the dynamics being played out in our communities and around the country. Feel free to invite a friend!  

Reserve your Zoom® seat now!

Date: Friday, May 1, 2020; 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM 

Open to all High School students. 

Register today by emailing Castella Copeland

Building awareness, promoting justice and fighting hatred.

NCCJ will never stop shining the light on injustice and fighting to do something about it. Now, and once this crisis is behind us, NCCJ will be here to support our communities, as they strive to be places that are respectful and just for all.

 We hope you stay safe and healthy.

Sun, 22 May 2022