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Important information about NCCJ ANYTOWN

05/18/2020 05:52:08 PM



Unfortunately, due to COVID19, Regional NCCJ ANYTOWN over the summer has been canceled.  Please stay tuned for details on special summer online programs for high school youth.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Cassie Copeland:


Check our events calendar for upcoming NCCJ online sessions:

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat
    • 8:30am Two-Day Anti-Racism Workshop
    • 12:00am Two-Day Anti-Racism Workshop
            • 8:30am NCCJ RACE
            • 12:00am NCCJ RACE
                                                        Events this Month:
                                                        • Tomorrow Two-Day Anti-Racism Workshop, 8:30am
                                                        • Friday Two-Day Anti-Racism Workshop, 12:00am
                                                        • Thu 8/12 NCCJ RACE: 2-day Dismantling Anti-Blackness, 8:30am
                                                        • Fri 8/13 NCCJ RACE: 2-day Dismantling Anti-Blackness, 12:00am


                                                        Wed, 4 August 2021