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New to NCCJ's Curriculum: Sizeism

01/27/2020 04:47:40 PM



Sizeism: The "F" Word

How Society Makes Us Feel Badly About Our Bodies


Wednesday, February 12th

6:00pm - 8pm


NCCJ is proud to present the latest addition to its programs curriculum, which tackles the "F" word -- fatphobia -- misconceptions about body size. The Sizeism course will include a nuanced discussion about the complicated relationship between one's weight and one's health, cover body weight as a social issue and the impact of weight stigma on mental health. 


Developed and facilitated by NCCJ's Director of Programs, Nyaunu Stevens, a social justice educator who specializes in size issues, this 2-hour course is ideal for:

  • Anyone who works with young people who might be struggling with their body image.
  • Those who work with people recovering from eating disorders.
  • Health professionals who want to have an understanding of body weight in the social sphere and how weight stigma can negatively impact health.
  • Individuals who want more information about their weight and their health.

Whether for yourself, your loved ones or those you support professionally, the Sizeism program will help with unlearning the negative messages people with bigger bodies receive and with developing a healthier relationship with food and exercise. We hope you can join us for this impactful new program.


The workshop will be held at NCCJ's office

 in Windsor, Connecticut and the cost is $40. 

For more information and to register, please call 860-683-1039. 


Mon, 28 September 2020