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NCCJ Workplace


NCCJ offers customized trainings for corporations, organizations and educational institutions doing business in a multicultural world that examine the systems of oppression and privilege, enhance communications skills, build cultural competences and create more inclusive work environments.  Topics include, but are not limited to; race, gender, LGBTQ, abilities, class and more.

The NCCJ is committed to designing, developing and delivering programs which educate, raise awareness and develop the skills necessary to create welcoming and inclusive organizations.

At NCCJ, we are pleased to offer customized trainings to address the specific needs of corporations, municipalities, higher educational institutions, school systems and human service organizations wishing to create workplaces that model more inclusive employee practices and policies.

Program Contents Include: 

  • Needs assessment 
  • Design and delivery of goal oriented trainings 
  • Implementation support


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Fri, 9 December 2022