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Programs Overview

NCCJ ANYTOWN® is a five day social justice residential camp focusing on community building and leadership for high school age youth. At NCCJ ANYTOWN, students are preparing to be the leaders of tomorrow and today.


NCCJ Bridges is a two-day anti-bullying, prejudice reduction program for middle and high school students. Participants gain a deeper understanding of how prejudice and bias affect their lives and how we as individuals and as a collective, can work to combat prejudice to make our schools and communities more accepting and inclusive.

NCCJ Youth Action Coalition (YAC) is a group run by, and made up of, young people under the age of 24 to increase knowledge and develop action around social justice issues through meetings, discussions, and events. YAC offers an opportunity for young people to transform their understanding into action, using their passions and energy to facilitate change in their schools and community.

Interfaith Programs are designed to promote understanding and respect among all religions and philosophical beliefs. NCCJ strives to improve interfaith dialogues by sponsoring programs, conferences, house of worship tours, and discussions throughout the community.

Workplace Training is customized trainings for corporations and organizations doing business in today’s multicultural world.

Anti-Bullying Program is an age appropriate anti-bullying program for youth, and adults who support them, providing distinctions between bullying and teasing with substantial information and skill building components to make schools safer and more respectful environments. Specific tools and strategies are given for interrupting bullying behaviors and empowering each member of the school community to take action.

Diversity Training entails single day, multiple day, or train-the-trainer programs specifically designed for your audience (for any age group!) that looks at the systems of oppression & privilege, enhances communication skills, and builds cultural competences.  Through interactive activities and dialogues participants learn how to interact more easily with others without shame or negativity in an environment that empowers.

LGBTQ Training asks if your school or workplace is inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) people. If so, is correct and current language being understood and used? Do you know the difference between gender, sex, and sexual orientation? This two-day program is essential for schools and workplaces to be in compliance with state laws and because it is the right thing to do. This skilled based program will raise awareness, increase knowledge, and help your school or organization be more inclusive.


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Mon, 6 April 2020